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BPAMpered Therapeutic Massage

204 Kimberly ave extension, East Haven, CT. 06512

B.PAMpered Therapeutic Massage

Take time out of your stressful life and B.PAMpered

About Me

In today's stressful, fast paced life, massage is no longer considered a luxury. It is considered a necessity for self care. Massage is a wonderful way to facilitate relaxation and decrease stress levels. Massage has many other benefits both mental and physical.

*Especially beneficial for today's athlete

Some of the mental benefits:

- Increased relaxation

- Decreased anxiety

- Helps with depression

- Relieves stress

- Enhances sleep quality

- Increased mental alertness

- Increased concentration

- Creates body awareness

Some of the physical benefits:

- Increases energy*

- Increases circulation*

- Treats sports and work induced injuries*

- Increases range of motion*

- Increases joint flexibility*

- Speeds muscle recovery*

- Speeds rehabilitation process after injury

- Enhances athletic performance*

- Enhances immunity

- Encourages peristalsis

- Reduces blood pressure

- Manages Fibromyalgia pain